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Who can Apply?


Premier Finance and Leasing are independent brokers and we pride ourselves in being able to arrange asset finance for every type of organisation or company

Here is a list of some of the categories we often deal with but don’t worry if you aren’t on it – contact us anyway and we will do out best to help.

New Startups - Finance can be difficult to obtain for new starts (when you most need it) and we specialise in finding the funds you need to set up and grow.  Whether you are setting up from scratch or buying a franchise agreement we can provide funds for all your needs.

Impaired Credit - Many small and medium size businesses have acquired the “sub-prime” status in these difficult times and we have a range of funders available who may offer credit even where your own bank might refuse.

Sole Traders and Partnerships - When your high street bank doesn’t want to help we can introduce plenty of other credit lines for you to get the assets and equipment you need.

Limited Companies - Whether you are a local family run firm or a blue chip multinational you may want to spread the cost of larger projects to fit your budgets. Whether your turn over is counted in thousands or millions we have funders to suit your needs.

Limited Liability Partnerships(LLP) - This new type of legal entity is very popular with professionals who previously traded as a conventional partnership.  Professional rates will normally apply and unregulated documents will be used.

Charities and Churches - You benefit from easier access to funds and beneficial rates from most of our lenders.  Projects too big for your unrestricted fund to afford can easily be spread over several years to make them possible now.

Local Authorities and Public Sector - You automatically receive blue chip rates and underwriting status from our funders.  You may want profiles that suit your income patterns and schools and colleges in particular may want to fund necessary ICT spending with annual instalments.