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Partners and Affiliates Program

Premier was established to offer a personal, easy to use finance option for all suppliers of capital goods to pass on to their customers.  Backed by over 20 years experience of finance in commerce and industry we are proud of our system that takes care of all aspects of the finance and leaves you free to sell and support your goods.

We can arrange leasing for any trading concern, e.g. limited company, sole trader, partnership, PLC, local authority etc. Obviously the offer of finance is subject to the status of the end user, and the rate that we can offer would reflect both this and the value of the asset.  We also offer you a commission on every lease.

The lease can be over any term from 1 to 5 years and for any amount as long as it is more than £1,000.  Once the lease starts the user makes regular payments, either monthly or quarterly, through the term of the agreement.  At the end we can pass title to the goods back to you for a notional payment and you are then free to either sell the title to the end user for extra profit or to go in and sell a replacement.

The big benefits to you are that you won’t find cost such an objection and you get paid very quickly, typically 2 days from installation.  The benefits to the end user are many, the payments are fixed for the term of the lease, there is no capital outlay and the payments can be offset in full against profits for tax.

One of our particular strengths is flexibility; for example we can offer finance for websites, e-commerce sites and software as well as conventional capital assets like vehicles and plant.  We also allow maintenance and support services to be built into the lease, giving you the opportunity to quote a single fixed rental figure to your customer. Our agreements also allow you to upgrade the asset before the lease ends.

We will provide you with a lease calculator which will quickly and simply calculate a leasing equivalent and let you print out a lease page to go with your quote.  Quoting these rates will generate inquiries for leasing; all you do then is to contact us and we will sort out all the details of paperwork etc.  Then you supply the product and invoice us rather than the end user.

Alternatively you can just tell the customers that a leasing option is available and if they are interested give them our details.  Commissions can apply to introductions in any form.

Contact us to find out more about our Partners and Affiliates program.